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Tourism is a multi-facetted, fast growing international industry sector and the focus of the Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF) as the innovative, entrepreneurial research and training center with Bachelor and Master study programs in Eastern Switzerland. The ITF concentrates on the thematic areas destination management, consumer behavior, hospitality and sustainability.more
Fachbereich Management


Economic and administration tasks place great demands on senior management. Requirements include founded expert and methodical knowledge as well as high social competency. Management members must be capable of contributing to renovation and development of organisations. It is not sufficient to administrate and carry on existing concepts. Entrepreneurial thinking and actions are required. Further to the German website.
Fachbereich Informationswissenschaft 01

Digital Science

Graduates in information science are the link between information and people. Students of the information science study course find jobs in libraries, archives and documentation departments, in administration or in private industry. Further to the German website.
Fachbereich Technik


Our high standard of living is thanks on a great part to our engineers. Some examples illustrate this particularly well: instead of walking we can also travel by rail, car or aeroplane and thanks to mobile phones we can telephone from anywhere and everywhere. In order to continue to keep pace with technical progress however, we still need engineers. Further to the German website.

Civil Engineering and Architecture

Construction includes a wide spectrum of different professions and offers interesting possibilities for further education and specialisation. Students graduating as construction engineer or architect are capable of taking on challenging positions of great responsibility in construction, general construction planning, public administration or in the services sector. Further to the German website.
Fachbereich Medien

Multimedia Production

Students attending this course gain technical competency for a multi-media environment as well as language competencies and the capability of visualising content. Part of the education course involves producing content under realistic conditions in the especially created production facilities for media objects, following the Chur motto, "Study and produce". Further to the German website.

Bachelor’s degree course in Tourism

Your passport to an exciting career

You know from your own experiences: a desire to see the world inspires people all over our planet to travel both close to home and far afield. Furthermore, the business world is becoming increasingly mobile. As a result, tourism has become an exciting growth market.


A simple comparison illustrates the potential. Today, the tourism and leisure industry is larger than the oil industry or the automotive industry and currently employs around 11% of the world’s population. The industry certainly offers professionals fantastic career development opportunities – in both ordinary and exotic destinations. On the following pages, you will discover a profession that is as diverse as progressive. And a degree course that fully prepares you for a successful career.

What is tourism and leisure about

Travelling is about discovering, enjoying, organising, celebrating and relaxing. The work of a tourism professional is just as varied.


When you think of tourism, you think of hotels, flights, New York, Paris and St. Moritz. But this industry offers a lot more than just the conventional travel services. Leisure activities in the areas of culture, music, sport, architecture, design and health have become integral parts of the industry today. 


Our Bachelor’s degree in Tourism introduces you to tourism as a business discipline and helps you to successfully create customer-focused offers that include a consistently high level of service. HTW Chur was inspired by Switzerland’s visionary thinkers who were the first to recognise our country’s resources and turned them into unique tourism opportunities. Today, committed, cosmopolitan industry professionals are much in demand in order to ensure that our wide range of tourism offers remains competitive. That is why HTW Chur – more than any other Swiss university – focuses on innovation and an international perspective. The result? Experts who are in demand both at home and abroad.

What are the prospects for graduates?

HTW Chur prepares you for a large number of professions in the tourism and leisure industry, both in Switzerland and abroad.


Choose one of six different major subjects, one that best suits your talents and interests. Studying at the HTW Chur gives you the ideal preparation for entering the professional world because you learn what it takes to be successful in the tourism services industry and how to react to the industry’s main challenges such as globalisation, digitisation, demographic shifts and climate change.


As a result, HTW Chur graduates are highly sought-after professionals. More than 90% of our graduates find employment within six months of graduating.


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