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Research and Consultancy

The Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF) is the tourism department of HTW Chur. We are Switzerland's most important university-level institution for education, further training and research in the tourism and leisure industries and have both national and international appeal. Our bachelor's and master’s degree courses in the fields of tourism and service design are cutting-edge in terms of their teaching and content, and optimally prepare our students both professionally and personally for a career in tourism, leisure industries and other service sectors.  The ITF’s research and services focus on the areas of “service innovation” and “Tourism 4.0” as well as the “management of tourism real estate and infrastructures”. We develop solutions for business, social and political issues relating to tourism and leisure together with our partners and customers. These include destinations, service providers and associations, as well as stakeholders from the world of politics and administration departments.

Head of institute and head of research and consultancy

Deuber Andreas, Prof. (FH), Dr. iur. HSG, MRICS
Tel. +41 81 286 39 60
Fax +41 81 286 39 51
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