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Consulting and Service

At the ITF we transfer our knowledge of applied research into practical, demand-driven services and consultancy projects, combining expertise gained from scientific research with practical experience acquired over the years in the regional, national and international tourism industry.
Our position as a University of Applied Sciences enables a science-based and active support of our partners and customers in everyday tourism business. For further information on our range of services, please see our portfolio of consultancy services or contact us.


Examples of current service and consulting projects


Development of tourism in the town of Wil (2016)

The ITF analysed the tourism structures in Wil and, together with various local stakeholders, developed an organisational structure suited to today's needs in the area of tourism for both the town of Wil and the Verein Wil Tourismus (Wil Tourism Association).


Feasibility study for a holiday resort (2016)

A feasibility study containing a financial plan and various economic calculation scenarios was prepared with a view to creating a new holiday resort with managed second homes in the Samnaun holiday region.


Survey of existing mountain-bike visitors in Graubünden (2016)

In addition to asking questions on sociodemographic aspects, a survey of around 2,900 mountain-bike visitors to Graubünden investigated levels of guest satisfaction, their motives and behavioural characteristics, as well their information and booking behaviour. The study was conducted on behalf of the Fachstelle für Langsamverkehr Graubünden (Specialist Unit for Non-motorised Traffic in Graubünden).

Heidihaus 2012

Heididorf business case (2016)

Based on the strategic further development of the Heididorf in Maienfeld by Küng Pluskom, the Heididorf 2.0 business case was prepared in cooperation with the ITF. In addition to an estimate of the costs and revenues, three scenarios were forecast for the income statement.

Vorstudie Beherbungsbetrieb

Preliminary study for a hotel resort (2016)

A proposal for the type and size of a possible accommodation business was developed as part of a preliminary study conducted for a Graubünden municipality with a view to the long-term establishment of a new hotel resort.

Head of Consulting and Service

Hörburger Norbert, Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH), MBA in Finanzdienstleistungen, MRICS
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