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Degree programmes
At a glance

At a glance

HTW Chur offers various degree programmes at bachelor and master level.


Bachelor’s degree programme

With a bachelor’s degree programme, you obtain a university degree that qualifies you for your chosen profession within three (full-time study) or four (part-time study) years. A school-leaving certificate is required for admission. An employment level of no more than 60 per cent is recommended alongside part-time study.

Master's degree programme

A master’s degree programme takes three to four semesters and supplements an already completed bachelor’s degree programme. It can deepen the academic knowledge acquired during a previous study programme or open up new areas of knowledge. A prior bachelor’s degree programme is mandatory. The recommended employment level alongside a master’s degree programme is maximum 60 per cent.

Bachelor's degree programmes

Bachelor's degree programmes

Architekturstudierende besichtigen eine Baustelle.

Bachelor's degree Architecture

Become an architect! Lectures, model demonstrations, project work and excursions allow you to acquire knowledge in subject areas such as construction and cultural history as well as settlement planning and urban development.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Betriebsökonomie

Bachelor's degree Business Administration

Study business administration – the broad basic training you receive will enable you to master topics including digitalisation, management functions, personnel, marketing, accounting, banking and corporate governance. You will develop your own ideas and concepts that you apply during projects of real companies.
Studierende des Bachelorstudiums Bauingenieurwesen der HTW Chur auf einer Brücke

Bachelor's degree Civil Engineering

During the programme you will cover topics ranging from project planning for bridges, roads, rail tracks and tunnels to the production of energy through hydropower and the building of structures for protection against rockfalls.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Digital Business Management

Bachelor's degree Digital Business Management

The bachelor’s degree programme in Digital Business Management covers the design, implementation and coordination of digital projects – from online marketing to websites and mobile apps. You learn how to work with innovations and technologies and how they can be used in companies and start-ups.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Information Science

Bachelor's degree Information Science

In the bachelor’s degree programme in Information Science, you will learn more about information research, human computer interaction, information management as well as media and social science. Information Science forms the interfaces between information and people and is becoming ever more important in our everyday working lives.
Studierende des Bachelorstudiums Multimedia Production der HTW Chur bedienen eine Filmkamera.

Bachelor's degree Multimedia Production

Are you interested in communication as well as the presentation and production of multimedia contents and also eager to learn about the required media and programming technology? If so, the bachelor’s degree programme in Multimedia Production is perfect for you.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Photonics

Bachelor's degree Photonics

Self-driving vehicles, VR glasses, drones – many of the new technologies based on photonics are still at a fledgling stage. The study contents of the bachelor’s degree programme in Photonics provide an understanding of light-based technologies and also cover their use and further development.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Service Design

Bachelor's degree Service Design

Learn how to shape the experiences of tomorrow. The bachelor’s degree programme in Service Design focuses on the creation and optimisation of innovative services, taking account of state-of-the-art digital technologies and allows participants to study Tourism on a part-time basis.

Bachelor's degree Sport Management

Learn the entire spectrum of sport management in the bachelor’s degree programme in Sport Management at HTW Chur – with topics such as sport marketing and media, sport financing, sport economics, sport science, sport law, strategic management in sport, HR and leadership in sport as well as event management.

Bachelor's degree Systems Engineering NTB

Future-oriented engineers need to master the complexity of modern technologies and keep step with the rapid pace of technological development. The bachelor’s degree programme in Systems Engineering NTB focuses on the targeted development of networked thinking and the ability to quickly familiarise yourself with new areas of application.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Tourismus

Bachelor's degree Tourism

With its international, practice-oriented approach, the bachelor's degree programme in tourism prepares you for taking on skilled roles in the tourism and service sectors. You will obtain an international business degree with cutting edge content and methods.
Master's degree programmes

Master's degree programmes

Master's degree Engineering (MSE)

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) allows participants to specialise in numerous technical disciplines. At HTW Chur, you can consolidate your knowledge in the field of information systems. You learn how to design and realise sophisticated user-oriented information and communication solutions in the area of information systems.
Imagebild Masterstudium Information and Data Management

Master's degree Information and Data Management

Information and Data Management deals with the organisation, interpretation and professional handling of constantly growing volumes of data. You will learn how to prepare, find and evaluate data using appropriate procedures, instruments and technologies.

Master's degree New Business

The master’s degree programme in New Business of HTW Chur deepens your knowledge in the area of new business development. It demonstrates how new products emerge, new markets are developed and complete new business models result from technological, environmental and social trends.
Imagebild Masterstudium Tourism

Master's degree Tourism

The master's provides you with a comprehensive understanding of tourism from a strategic perspective. You will acquire the skills to become a tourism manager who strategically turns the challenges of the tourism industry into opportunities.
Information events

Information events

Information events are regularly held for all of our study programmes. We look forward to seeing you.


What can HTW Chur offer me?

What can HTW Chur offer me?

You can undertake practice-oriented studies and further education programmes at universities of applied science. The bachelor’s, master’s and further education degrees from universities of applied science are equivalent to degrees from universities. However, while basic research is the focus at universities, the focus at universities of applied sciences is on applying the acquired knowledge and on the strong practical relevance. Universities of applied sciences foster strong cooperation with the professional world.

With a bachelor’s degree from a university of applied science, you are professionally qualified. A further qualification with a master’s degree is possible. However, a master’s degree is deemed to be a standard degree at universities.

Besides the strong practical relevance, you will benefit from the manageable class sizes at HTW Chur, in which you can actively take part and learn efficiently. Numerous services of HTW Chur contribute to your advancement and development and offer you support during your studies.