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Degree programme at a glance

Degree programme at a glance

You are fascinated by travel and languages, are a people person and want to make your passion your profession? The tourism degree programme at the HTW Chur is practice-oriented, with an international focus. You will obtain an international business degree with cutting edge content and methods.

Switzerland is a dynamic tourism destination that has learnt how to reinvent tourism in its urban centres and alpine playgrounds. At the HTW Chur you live and breathe the spirit of the tourism pioneers who brought tourism to St. Moritz. It is the ideal surrounding to become an expert in tourism yourself.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

You must meet the following requirements for admission to the international class of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism at the HTW Chur. Please contact us if you have any questions about the admission requirements. We will be happy to help you.


Do you have one of the following diplomas?

  • Vocational diploma ('kaufmännische Berufsmaturität'), high school diploma ('Gymnasialmaturität') or specialised secondary school diploma ('Fachmaturität') recognised by the Swiss Confederation
  • An equivalent secondary school diploma from a foreign country

Do you have work experience?

  • One year of work experience in the field of business and services (for example in line with an apprenticeship)

Knowledge of English

For the English class, you must have a language certificate at C1 level (Cambridge Advanced Certificate or similar) which is not older than three years at the start of the studies.

For the German-English class, we recommend a B2 level in English (Cambridge First Certificate or similar).

Proficiency in mathematics

You should be proficient in terms, equations and functions, as these form the basis of the mathematics taught during the assessment year. This mathematics test will help you to assess whether your proficiency in mathematics is sufficient for this programme.

Knowledge of accounting

Basic skills of double entry accounting are required and will be tested at the beginning of the programme. Therefore, we recommend an accounting course prior to the studies or to acquire the knowledge in self-study.

Work experience

Work experience of one year in a full-time role must be demonstrated. In cases in which the level of employment is reduced, the required duration is extended accordingly. The work experience must be completed prior to commencing the study course. This work experience may comprise several positions performed with different employers. The Director of Studies decides which professional experience is taken into account when determining the amount of completed work experience. Both practical and theoretical professional experience are considered here. You are required to prove your work experience by providing confirmation of employment. This confirmation must state the duration of the work experience as well as the specialist activities that you performed during this time.

Transfers from other universities

To arrange a transfer from another university, university of applied sciences or PET college, you must contact the Director of Studies. Credits may be awarded, in consultation with the Director of Studies, for modules already completed at another university.


In exceptional cases, you may be admitted to the programme without fulfilling the requirements mentioned above (admission based on your academic record and application). The Prorector and the Director of Studies decide on admissions on a case-by-case basis.

Programme content

Programme content

The desire to see the world inspires people all over our planet to travel both close to home and far afield. Furthermore, the business world is becoming increasingly mobile. As a result, tourism has become an exciting growth market. A simple comparison illustrates the potential. Today, the tourism and leisure industry is larger than the oil industry or the car industry and currently employs around 11% of the world's population. The industry certainly offers professionals fantastic career development opportunities – in both ordinary and exotic destinations.

The Bachelor in Tourism introduces you to tourism as a business discipline and helps you to successfully create customer-focused offers that include a consistently high level of service. The HTW Chur draws inspiration from Switzerland's visionary thinkers, who were the first to recognise our country's special resources. They created unique tourism opportunities that appeal to visitors from all over the world.

Portraitbild von Thorsten Merkle
‘We teach you the skills you need to turn your fascination for travelling and your interest for...
‘We teach you the skills you need to turn your fascination for travelling and your interest for people into a professional career in the tourism industry.’
Prof. Dr Thorsten Merkle, Director of Studies
Portraitbild von Philipp Ries
‘The tourism industry is going through a fundamental digital transformation which is not going to...
‘The tourism industry is going through a fundamental digital transformation which is not going to end any time soon. Tourism professionals of the future need to orient themselves to this new world and form it. The bachelor's degree at the HTW Chur is setting the stage for it.’
Philipp Ries, Industry Leader Google Switzerland, Advisory Board Institute for Tourism and Leisure


On the assessment level (first year of studies), you acquire a foundation in business studies and self-management skills and are introduced to the basic methods of (academic) problem-solving.

On the bachelor level 1 (second year of studies), you receive a comprehensive introduction to the tourism industry and further develop your understanding of business studies. You also learn how to think and act in a more international context.

On the bachelor level 2 (third year of studies), you build on your knowledge of the tourism industry and develop targeted professional skills for your chosen major. You also broaden your knowledge through a wide variety of elective subjects, chosen according to personal preference. In your third year, you spend six months writing your bachelor’s thesis for a client on the subject of a practical issue faced by the company or organisation. The current bachelor thesis brochure (in German/English) gives you an impression of possible topics for your thesis.

Full-time study programme (6 semesters / 3 years)

Language concept

Proficiency in modern languages has an important place in the bachelor’s degree programme in tourism at the HTW Chur. Students with an international background who are interested in an international career or who have a good command of English can attend international programme where all modules are taught in English. In the German-language programme, students are taught partly in English starting in the second year, and the majority of the classes are taught in English in the third year.

Portraitbild von Andreas Züllig
‘Thanks to their expertise in the areas of e-business, marketing and leadership, tourism graduates...
‘Thanks to their expertise in the areas of e-business, marketing and leadership, tourism graduates from the HTW Chur are valuable employees for the industry.’
Andreas Züllig, President of hotelleriesuisse, host at the Hotel Schweizerhof, Lenzerheide
Portraitbild von Livio Götz
‘During the programme, we explored tourism in all its aspects. Along with the practice-oriented...
‘During the programme, we explored tourism in all its aspects. Along with the practice-oriented project work, this was the ideal preparation for my current job as Manager UK & Ireland at the SCIB in London. What I benefited from the most was my area of specialisation in the third year. This set me up perfectly for my current role in terms of teaching me how to develop and implement all kinds of marketing activities.’
Livio Götz, graduate with a bachelor's degree in tourism, Head of Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau (SCIB) UK & Ireland in London
Portraitbild Severin Schrötter
‘Completing the course in an international class meant that I was in contact with fellow students...
‘Completing the course in an international class meant that I was in contact with fellow students from around the world each and every day, enabling me to improve my social skills and language expertise on an ongoing basis. My personal highlight was the exchange semester. I studied in Hong Kong for half a year.’
Severin Schrötter, graduate with a bachelor's degree in tourism, Marketing trainee at SBB Real Estate


In the third year, you choose one major subject. All majors are taught in English except for Leadership.

NEW: Sustainable Tourism and International Development

You learn the role and importance of tourism as a tool for sustainable economic development, be it in a general business context or related to international development cooperation.

Possible job functions could be

  • Product manager for sustainable destinations
  • NGO employee

Learn more about the new major in the fact sheet.

eCommerce and Sales in Tourism

You learn how to actively develop offers, prepare them in a timely manner and allow customers to book them directly. You are taught the strategy and basic principles of the hard sell, both in theory and practice.

Possible job functions could be

  • Content manager
  • Sales representative
  • Social media manager

Event Communication

You learn how to plan and run events and to develop concepts for exciting events. Further topics are team leadership, production planning, venue layout and event staging.

Possible job functions could be

  • Project coordinator
  • Event manager in the tourism industry or at events agencies


You learn specific methods essential for managerial staff in small and medium-sized businesses that allow you to deal with a variety of management situations, including employee management, conflict resolution and stress management.

Possible job functions could be

  • Project management roles
  • Personnel management roles

Marketing and Product Development in Tourism

You learn how to develop and market innovative, practical tourism offers through creative techniques and communication strategies.

Possible job functions could be

  • Marketing project manager
  • Product manager
  • Content manager


You choose a minimum of three minor subjects. In general, all minors are taught in English, although there may be some exceptions.

Applied Research in an International Context

Students will engage in research projects and will write an academic paper. The module also foresees participation in the International Tourism Students Conference (ITSC).

Aviation Management

Using theoretical knowledge, you learn about the aviation industry from a practical perspective and obtain a better understanding of the special characteristics of this industry. You will also get to know how companies in the aviation industry are managed.


Integrated Mobility Management

You obtain background information on the relevant aspects relating to mobility in the tourism industry. This minor course covers, in particular, land-based transport systems and explores the challenges faced by integrated mobility systems.

Mountain Tourism Management

You master the challenges of marketing and managing Alpine destinations and cable cars with corresponding solutions learnt in practice.


Designing Memorable Experiences

You learn how to develop new services in a sustainable manner to create thrilling, unusual and profitable experiences for tourists.


Health Tourism Management

You learn about the importance and drivers of health tourism, how to develop health tourism strategies and how to design and implement suitable offers in tourism companies.


Hospitality Management

You explore the hotel industry in all its different forms and learn the basics of hotel management. You are prepared specifically by the minor for a career in the accommodation sector.


Leisure Managment

You learn about the fundamental drivers of demand in the leisure industry and the associated challenges faced by service providers in this field with interesting inputs from practice.


Media and Public Relations

You receive an introduction to how the media work. You learn about the latest developments in the industry and in active corporate PR management.


Niche Tourism

You learn to identify innovative niche tourism products, to understand the environment in which they can exist and how to successfully assess the challenges involved in turning them into reality.


Retail Management

You study and apply basic concepts in retail management and learn how to position shopping as an important part of the tourist experience.

Service Quality Management

You analyse a wide range of quality management models and learn how to design and implement quality structures and processes.


Sports Tourism

You examine the relationship between sports and tourism on both a conceptual as well as on an industrial level. You will get to know the different stakeholders and analyse the social, economic and environmental impacts of sports tourism.


More than lectures

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism is research-based and practically oriented, as is typical for a university of applied sciences. During the programme, you undertake numerous field trips. At the centre stands the transfer of theoretical knowledge and the practical implementation.

Distinguished Speakers Series (DSS)

In the module Distinguished Speakers Series you listen to exceptional personalities in tourism, who have achieved incredible milestones with their thinking and behaviour and have  contributed to the development of tourism.

In 2015, the first event of the series was dedicated to the NZZ-journalist Christoph Zürcher and the internationally known photographer James Robertson, who have brought hope and happiness to a war-disabled zone in the north of Afghanistan with the Afghan Ski Challenge.

Event series DSS

Study week abroad

In the module Project Management in Theory, the students do not only have the opportunity to obtain the internationally popular IPMA project management certification, but to implement what they learnt on a study trip, which they also document with different media instruments. At the centre is a research question which they answer through analyses, business visits and expert interviews.

Knowledge transfer

Students can put theory into practice through consulting projects and bachelor theses for companies. Furthermore, there are opportunities for students who are interested in research for supporting us during their studies as student employees in our ProFit.Team. Not only will you learn something, but also earn some money at the same time.

Organisational information

Organisational information

How much are the study fees for the bachelor’s programme at the HTW Chur? Where does the programme take place? How many ECTS credits will I receive? On what days will I have lectures and seminars? What degree will I be awarded after completing the programme?

Tuition fees

There is a one-off enrolment fee of CHF 300, which is deducted from the tuition fee for the first semester. If you do not take up the offer of a place on the programme, the enrolment fee will be forfeited.

The tuition fee per semester is CHF 960 for students with Swiss citizenship or the Principality of Liechtenstein citizenship. The tuition fee per semester for all other students is CHF 1,550.

Foreign students who have resided in Switzerland for at least two years before the start of their studies and who are financially independent and not in education may be able to benefit from the reduced tuition fee of CHF 960. The reduced tuition fee has to be reviewed and approved by the HTW Chur on the basis of documentation provided by the students.

Students not from Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the European Union or the European Free Trade Association are charged a deposit of CHF 2,700.

The tuition fees do not include textbooks, travel, food or accommodation in connection with field trips, multiday seminars and the bachelor thesis.

You will need a suitably powerful laptop (Windows recommended).


The universities of applied sciences are recognised by the Swiss Confederation and the cantons, which means students may be entitled to grants. For further information, please contact the grants department of the Department of Education for the canton in question.

Students from outside Switzerland can contact the relevant public funding institutions in their home country.

Place of study

The taught modules of the study programme are held in Chur, Switzerland. Individual events may take place in other locations and will be communicated in good time.

Semester abroad

Spending a semester abroad can open up new horizons for you. International exchange is, of course, a tremendous asset to tourism and leisure. The HTW Chur maintains close ties to a network of universities, technical colleges and other educational establishments worldwide and would be pleased to help you organise one or two semesters of study abroad.

Semesters abroad generally count as full or partial semesters of your prorgramme, enabling you to complete your studies within the planned period.

In the following you can find an overview of the partner universities where you can spend a semester abroad:

Tourism Image Semester Abroad

Double degree with the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia

Whoever wants to collect more experience abroad can apply for a study year at our partner university USC in Australia. Every year, five students get the opportunity to get one of these study places. You complete (with special conditions) the second study year at the USC and, if you pass all the exams, you will receive the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration of the USC in addition to the Bachelor of Science in Tourism of the HTW Chur after the third year.


Das Logo der USC Australia
Das Logo der USC Australia.

Duration of the study programme

The bachelor’s degree programme takes three years when completed on a full-time basis. The programme begins in September (week 38). An introductory week will take place prior to the official commencement of studies. One study year comprises two semesters, generally made up of 14 weeks each. There are also examination weeks and individual block weeks.

Exact dates and details can be found in the academic calendar​​​​​​​.

Teaching hours

Lectures are given from Monday to Friday. Some classes are held in blocks or on Saturdays. Lessons are held between 8.15 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Exceptions are possible.

ECTS credits

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) 
The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) for making studies and courses more transparent and thus helping students to move between institutions of higer education. ECTS credits are awarded based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a course or a programme. ECTS credits are the basis for the recognition of course or programm achievements and diplomas between institutions of higher eduction.

ECTS Credits
An ECTS credit point corresponds to a student workload of 30 hours. The student workload includes the lectures but also time needed to pre- and postprocess the lectures, prepare exams and for self-studying. 60 credits a year are acquired in a full-time study course, which corresponds to a student workload of 1800 hours. At HTW Chur a bachelor's degree course is comprised of 180 ECTS credits, a consecutive master's degree of 90 ECTS credits.

Study and examination regulations

You can find all details in the Study and Examination Regulations document.

HTW Chur

HTW Chur

Switzerland is the land of the Alps, Heidi and yodelling, right? If this is your perception, you’re in for a big surprise. Sure, St. Moritz might have been one of the world’s first destinations to develop tourism. But Switzerland is still playing a leading role in defining global tourism as it is today. The University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur is an innovative and entrepreneurial higher education institution with around 1,700 students and places great emphasis on individuality.

The HTW Chur offer various services to support your studies and to guide you in your personal and professional development. Take advantage of the wide range of sports opportunities, make use of the job and housing exchange or seek advice.

Studying and living in a Swiss tourism destination

Did you know? Tourism is Switzerland’s pride. Destinations like St. Moritz, Zermatt and Gstaad already intrigued international visitors in the 19th century. However, the locals learnt fast that the natural beauty alone would not do it in the end. Long before the term ‘location marketing’ was created, they got James Bond to promote skiing in major movies. Later they created events like the Montreux Jazz Festival or the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, which attract visitors, business people and celebrities from all over the world. Today, Switzerland is a dynamic tourism destination that has learnt how to reinvent tourism in its urban centres and alpine playgrounds.

Future prospects

Future prospects

A degree in tourism will open up many opportunities for you: you could take on roles in marketing such as managing projects, products, content or social media. You could work for an agency as a sales manager or a consultant. You could become an event manager or a project coordinator in the tourism industry or at an event agency. Or you could go into management in a sports association or sponsorship department. Your degree will also make you eligible for positions in corporate or price development, or for managerial roles and jobs in HR management.

Following the bachelor’s degree programme in tourism, you also have the option to complete a master’s degree either in Switzerland or abroad. The Master of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Tourism offered by the HTW Chur is aimed at highly motivated graduates of the bachelor’s programme with a very good degree.


Since 2018, the HTW Chur can be found on Hosco. Hosco serves us primarily as alumni platform to develop a network, but there are also vacant internships and student jobs advertised. Go to Hosco

Portraitbild von Lara Gross
‘After my studies I started to work in Marketing and Public Relatins at Location Hunter in Beijing.’
‘After my studies I started to work in Marketing and Public Relatins at Location Hunter in Beijing.’
Lara Gross, alumna with Major in Transportation Management
Portraitbild von Patrick Eichler
‘After my bachelor in tourism I've started to work as a project manager at Pointbreak Events GmbH in...
‘After my bachelor in tourism I've started to work as a project manager at Pointbreak Events GmbH in Zurich.’
Patrick Eichler, alumnus with Major in Sports Management
Portraitbild von Patrick Hagmann
‘I am a marketing assistant bei BEET Language Centre in Bournemouth.’
‘I am a marketing assistant bei BEET Language Centre in Bournemouth.’
Patrick Hagmann, alumnus with Major in Marketing and Product Development in Tourism
Portraitbild von Sofia de Anta
‘My job as Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Hotel Einstein in St.Gallen is great fun!’
‘My job as Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Hotel Einstein in St.Gallen is great fun!’
Sofia de Anta, alumna with Major in Leadership
Portraitbild Wai Ting Or
‘Today I am employed as a key account manager at Six Payment Services in Zurich.’
‘Today I am employed as a key account manager at Six Payment Services in Zurich.’
Wai Ting Or, alumna with Major eCommerce and Sales in Tourism
Application and advice

Application and advice


If you would like to apply for a place on the programme, please send your completed application form and the required documents to the HTW Chur.


Application deadline

The deadline for applications is 30 April in the year you intend to start your course of study.

Applications received after the application deadline may also be considered if there are still places available on the programme. Please contact the programme administrator for information.

We still have places on the English-language programme.


Do you have any questions about the study programme? Would you like any advice, or are you still unsure? Do you have any administrative questions? We will be happy to help you.

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