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Business and Services


Business deals with the use of limited resources and goods at companies as well as in the economy as a whole. It explains the economic behaviour of individuals, enterprises and economies under various conditions and analyses interactions, for example between producers (companies) and consumers (households) or between government bodies and stakeholders. Services are intangible goods that emerge if a person or company performs a payment-based activity for another individual or business.

HTW Chur offers the Master of Science in Business Administration with the following three fields of study:


Imagebild Masterstudium Information and Data Management

Master's degree Information and Data Management

Information and Data Management deals with the organisation, interpretation and professional handling of constantly growing volumes of data. You will learn how to prepare, find and evaluate data using appropriate procedures, instruments and technologies.

Master's degree New Business

The master’s degree programme in New Business of HTW Chur deepens your knowledge in the area of new business development. It demonstrates how new products emerge, new markets are developed and complete new business models result from technological, environmental and social trends.
Imagebild Masterstudium Tourism

Master's degree Tourism

The master's provides you with a comprehensive understanding of tourism from a strategic perspective. You will acquire the skills to become a tourism manager who strategically turns the challenges of the tourism industry into opportunities.