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Further education


Connect theory and practice: Further education at HTW Chur is practice-oriented. The university of applied sciences in Graubünden works closely together with business, so it imparts knowledge which professional people need in practice.

HTW Chur offers a diverse further education programme which will help professional practitioners to advance in their chosen careers with tailored professional development. All further education courses are offered concurrent to your job. Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and specialist courses.

Executive MBA

Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) are master’s degree courses provided in the area of further education. Focusing on management themes, they are aimed specifically at managers and individuals with extensive professional experience. The objective is to expand the management and leadership expertise of the participants. Discover EMBA programmes

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

Masters of Advanced Studies are degree courses in which you deepen and specialise your knowledge (previously: Post-graduate diploma NDS), which include at least 60 ECTS points* and a master’s thesis. They are aimed at individuals who already have extensive professional experience. Discover MAS programmes

Master of Science (MSc)

Masters of Science (MSc) are master’s degree programmes that follow on directly from a bachelor’s degree and that require the completion of a bachelor’s degree programme in advance. These courses are also referred to as consecutive or follow-on master’s degree programmes. Discover consecutive Master's degree programmes

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

Diplomas of Advanced Studies (DAS) are job-concurrent further education programmes for which at least 30 ECTS credits* must be achieved. Graduates of these courses complete their studies with a diploma thesis and are awarded a diploma. Discover DAS programmes

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) are job-concurrent further education programmes for which at least 10 ECTS credits* must be achieved. A CAS is completed with the awarding of a certificate. CAS courses can often be combined and thus lead to a MAS – depending on the study programme. Discover CAS programmes

Specialised courses

Specialised courses involve training courses, permits/certifications and other courses for which no qualification at EMBA, MAS, DAS or CAS level is available. A certificate or diploma is awarded for some specialised courses. Discover specialised courses


* One ECTS credit corresponds to an average student workload of around 30 hours.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA

Would you like to broaden your management and managerial expertise and complete a further education master’s level degree programme? The Executive MBA courses of HTW Chur orient themselves to the knowledge needs of managerial staff in industrial and service companies.

Executive MBA – Digital Transformation

The goal of the Executive MBA (EMBA) – Digital Transformation at HTW Chur is to impart the most important trends, strategies, business models, methods and processes which result from the digital transformation.

Executive MBA – General Management

Digitalisation, change and progressively shorter innovation cycles present complex, complicated challenges for management staff. Learn in-depth leadership skills such as strategic thinking, acting entrepreneurially, acting agilely and dynamically and initiating change processes.

Executive MBA – New Business Development

Learn in the EMBA – New Business Development how new products and services are developed and implemented, new markets are developed and technological, ecological or societal trends can be used to develop business models.

Executive MBA – Smart Marketing

Digitalisation is the key driver for Marketing 4.0. Digital strategies, business models, channels, service and a changed customer behaviour are a major challenge for marketing. You learn how to meet these challenges head-on in the EMBA in Smart Marketing.


Do you have extensive professional experience and would like to specialise in a specialist area? HTW Chur offers different MAS courses in which you can deepen your particular knowledge.


MAS Business Administration

Executive staff are increasingly having to think and act like entrepreneurs. Only in this way can companies exist in a dynamic environment. The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills and comprehensive leadership expertise.

MAS Energy Management

The job-concurrent Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Energy Management offers management qualifications for fields of activity which directly and indirectly relate to energy production, creation and distribution.

MAS Information Science

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Information Studies provides you with the necessary basic knowledge as well as knowledge of information and communication technologies and business administration and management. This is in the professional fields of Library, Archiving and Documentation.
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MAS Sustainable Construction

Building well means building sustainably: structurally correct, well designed, social on a broad foundation and energy efficient. The MAS in Sustainable Construction is offered in cooperation with five universities in German-speaking Switzerland.


Do you have extensive professional experience and would like to do further education concurrent to your job? In the DAS, you will write a thesis and then complete the course with a diploma.

DAS Business Administration

A basic knowledge of business is essential for management staff. The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) introduces students to the field of Business Administration. The basics are taught in the fields of Management, Leadership, Finances and Controlling, Law, Production and Marketing.


HTW Chur offers different CAS courses which are suitable for professionals with several years of professional experience. You will round off your CAS course with a certificate.

CAS Continued Construction on Existing Buildings

Learn how to build on existing buildings! This architectural further education course deals with the preservation of historical monuments and energy, and with retaining and renovating as a process. The CAS can count towards part of the MAS in Sustainable Construction.
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CAS Digital Communication Excellence

In the CAS in Digital Communication Excellence, you will learn how to skilfully plan and utilise the opportunities presented by the digital transformation as part of your leadership strategy and how to assume responsibility in this regard.
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CAS Event Management

Do further study in Event Management! In the CAS, you will deal with sporting, cultural and corporate events. You will acquire expert knowledge in the fields of Sponsoring, Event law, Budgeting as well as Project Management.
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CAS Image Processing

You will learn the functions and characteristics of the components of industrial image processing systems and gain experience in dealing with these components. Also, you will learn how to implement image processing systems from a combination of hardware and software solutions.

CAS Information Science Management

This Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) provides you with the required knowledge to operated and manage institutions and facilities in the fields of Archiving, Library, Documentation and Museum. It also covers the methods and instruments of company organisation and management.

CAS Information Topics

The topics of information exploitation, archiving, transmission and management are dealt with in depth in this Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). In the second part of the CAS, you have the option to set a personal thematic focus by attending a compulsory optional module.
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CAS in Management of Public Administration and NPO

Management in Public Administration takes place in the tension field of political decision-making. The CAS in Management of Public Administration and Non-profit Organisations enables you to take on managerial tasks and challenges with confidence.

CAS Museum Work

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Museum Work at HTW Chur deals with practical museum work and enables you to undertake skilled work in small and large museums.
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CAS Optoelectronics

You will learn the operating principle of optoelectronic components and how to integrate these into efficient systems with needs-based circuitry. Also, you will learn how to select the right optical and optoelectrical components to solve a problem and put the system in question into operation.

CAS Principles of Information Work

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Principles of Information Work at HTW Chur provides you with the joint foundations and methods in the fields of Archiving, Library, Documentation and Museum.

Modules of the CAS Road Project Planning

The CAS in Road Project Planning is designed for planning employees of engineering offices, traffic engineers, entrepreneurs, public and private builders who work for the Confederation and the cantons, as well as employees of the construction offices of cities and municipalities.
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CAS Tourism 4.0

The CAS in Tourism 4.0 is a new further education programme for tourism experts who are heavily involved with digitalisation in Tourism and would like to broaden their knowledge. Individual specialised modules can also be attended.
Specialised courses

Specialised courses

HTW Chur offers a variety of specialised courses and training courses which provide you with practical, in-depth knowledge.

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Specialised course Construction Management

The specialist course in Construction Management provides you and with a holistic overview when realising construction projects with your newly acquired knowledge. During the excursion to a local large construction site in the course, you will also learn about the practical side of construction management.
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Specialist course for Experts in Public Administration with Federal Certification

Gain the requisite expertise to be able to take on demanding and responsible tasks in the field of Public Administration. The practical further education course offers people working the public administration field a high degree of employability and professional mobility.

Specialised Further Education Cycle in Digitalisation

The digital revolution has yielded a variety of new cultural techniques within a very short period of time. This means you should familiarise yourself with innovations and check the future practicality of old technology. We also offer modular, individually bookable courses.
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Specialised courses in ICT/technology

Further education in a technical field will hone your profile and open up new career options. We offer a varied further education programme consisting of daily, module and CAS certificate courses. For example, in the fields of Optoelectronics, Image Processing, Network Technology and IT.
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IMK Media courses

Would you like to enter the field of journalism or are you interested in the workings of the media? The IMK Media courses are a job-concurrent journalism qualification and is also ideal for further journalism training, as individual courses are taken.
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Specialised courses for People in Municipalities

We offer a varied further education programme for employees from public administration and non-profit organisations. The specialised courses discuss current questions such as the revision of laws, accounting conventions, etc.