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Further education
Architecture, Construction and Planning


Architecture, planning and construction sciences address the design of internal and external spaces, incorporate people as well as their needs and habits and deal with legal, social, environmental and political issues and circumstances.

Further education programmes

Restaurierung Verwaltungsgebäude der Rhätischen Bahn in Chur, Jahr 2015-2017

MAS Sustainable Construction

Building well means building sustainably: structurally correct, well designed, social on a broad foundation and energy efficient. The MAS in Sustainable Construction is offered in cooperation with five universities in German-speaking Switzerland.

Modules of the CAS Road Project Planning

The CAS in Road Project Planning is designed for planning employees of engineering offices, traffic engineers, entrepreneurs, public and private builders who work for the Confederation and the cantons, as well as employees of the construction offices of cities and municipalities.

CAS Continued Construction on Existing Buildings

Learn how to build on existing buildings! This architectural further education course deals with the preservation of historical monuments and energy, and with retaining and renovating as a process. The CAS can count towards part of the MAS in Sustainable Construction.
Baustelle in Graubünden

Specialised course Construction Management

The specialist course in Construction Management provides you and with a holistic overview when realising construction projects with your newly acquired knowledge. During the excursion to a local large construction site in the course, you will also learn about the practical side of construction management.