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Certificate of Advanced Studies


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) are further education programmes provided on a job-concurrent basis for which at least 10 ECTS credits must be achieved. A CAS is completed with the awarding of a certificate. CAS can often be combined and thus lead to the gaining of – depending on the offering – an MAS.

We offer the following CAS in the field of Architecture, Construction and Planning:


CAS Continued Construction on Existing Buildings

Learn how to build on existing buildings! This architectural further education course deals with the preservation of historical monuments and energy, and with retaining and renovating as a process. The CAS can count towards part of the MAS in Sustainable Construction.

Modules of the CAS Road Project Planning

The CAS in Road Project Planning is designed for planning employees of engineering offices, traffic engineers, entrepreneurs, public and private builders who work for the Confederation and the cantons, as well as employees of the construction offices of cities and municipalities.