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Media, Technology and IT


In the areas of media, technology and IT, we focus on the growing number of media forms, new communication channels and constantly evolving technologies. Self-driving vehicles, VR glasses, drones: many new technologies are still at a fledgling stage.

Further education courses

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CAS Image Processing

You will learn the functions and characteristics of the components of industrial image processing systems and gain experience in dealing with these components. Also, you will learn how to implement image processing systems from a combination of hardware and software solutions.
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CAS Optoelectronics

You will learn the operating principle of optoelectronic components and how to integrate these into efficient systems with needs-based circuitry. Also, you will learn how to select the right optical and optoelectrical components to solve a problem and put the system in question into operation.
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Specialised courses in ICT/technology

Further education in a technical field will hone your profile and open up new career options. We offer a varied further education programme consisting of daily, module and CAS certificate courses. For example, in the fields of Optoelectronics, Image Processing, Network Technology and IT.
Digitales Rauschen

CAS Digital Communication Excellence

In the CAS in Digital Communication Excellence, you will learn how to skilfully plan and utilise the opportunities presented by the digital transformation as part of your leadership strategy and how to assume responsibility in this regard.
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IMK Media courses

Would you like to enter the field of journalism or are you interested in the workings of the media? The IMK Media courses are a job-concurrent journalism qualification and is also ideal for further journalism training, as individual courses are taken.