Diversity Policy - HTW Chur

Diversity Policy

At a glance

As a future-oriented organisation, the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur knows how important the diversity of its employees and students is for ensuring its successful development as an institution. It recognises the significance of consciously promoting diversity and incorporates diversity considerations in its decision-making processes. At the same time, it promotes equality, which provides the basis for an environment in which diversity can thrive. This Policy formulates the ethical attitude adopted by HTW Chur in dealing with the topic of diversity.

We take account of the 'diversity' of all members of HTW Chur, i.e. both students and employees, with their different personalities and skill sets, and value their differences and similarities.

We recognise the diversity of our students and employees. On the one hand, their different educational backgrounds in several specialist disciplines contribute to the basis on which our interdisciplinary University of Applied Sciences is built. On the other, their profiles span the key dimensions of diversity: age, gender, ethnic or cultural origin, religion, world view, sexual orientation, and physical and mental abilities. Diversity also relates to external and organisational dimensions.

For us, 'inclusion' means that within our community all members of HTW Chur are actively able to participate in the university's activities on an equal footing and in a manner that allows them to exercise self-determination.

'Diversity Management' refers to the targeted handling of our members’ diversity, the consideration and promotion of their potential, as well as the development and management of structures and processes in the areas of diversity and equal opportunities. The Policy provides guidelines for the recognition, promotion and utilisation of diversity and for the implementation of suitable framework conditions. The Policy’s structure is based on the values and principles stipulated in the guiding principles of the HTW Chur.


Utilising the potential of diversity

We promote diversity and equal opportunities and develop the potential that this creates.

The members of HTW Chur study, research and work as a group of diverse personalities with their own individual skill sets. We are convinced that the diversity of our employees and students represents an opportunity for the agile and innovative further development of the University of Applied Sciences and our culture of cooperation. HTW Chur therefore promotes this diversity and individual potential. This generates an environment of productive and creative cooperation between all members of HTW Chur.

The University of Applied Sciences provides an attractive, accessible and modern study and work environment, meaning that all of its members are supported in tapping their individual potential and successfully implementing their life plans. As a future-oriented and innovative university, HTW Chur facilitates the reconciliation of university, work and private life. One way in which it does so is through the provision of flexible study period and working-time models. To ensure that it is attractive for current and potential
students and employees, the framework conditions it offers are developed on an ongoing basis. HTW Chur possesses a high level of diversity expertise in its four service areas and within its central bodies. Diversity considerations are integrated in the areas of HR policy, teaching, research, further training and service.

HTW Chur creates suitable framework conditions for equal access to study opportunities. The curricula are structured in a way that appeals to a diverse body of students. This should promote a mix of students within the different study programmes – especially in the MINT area.

Employees are able to optimally develop their potential and contribute with the benefits it brings. The HR management strategy is developed, in particular, with a view to attracting employees, facilitating career development and succession planning, as well as promoting diversity. Education and further training are actively encouraged by providing targeted employee development and career planning aligned to specific life phases. This allows HTW Chur to be both a successful educational institution and an attractive em-ployer for individuals in the areas of teaching, research and university management.

Diverse teams promote innovation

We maintain an active network and valued partnerships.

HTW Chur actively maintains its internal network and external partnerships. Mixed teams drive inno-vation; HTW Chur therefore promotes internal networks and respect-based partnerships with a view to implementing and further developing diversity considerations and associated matters. 

Mixed, interdisciplinary teams that incorporate a variety of perspectives generate especially innovative, needs-oriented and effective solutions that are ideally tailored to the various stakeholder groups of HTW Chur. HTW Chur promotes balanced mixed teams in all of the University of Applied Sciences’ committees, as well as in all areas and at all levels. It is committed to ensuring that women and men have equal op-portunities to contribute their potential and expertise in all areas and at all levels. Focus is therefore placed on «gender diversity». Due to changes in framework conditions and the social environment, focus can be extended to additional fields of action.

Acting in the spirit of diversity

We act in an ethically responsible manner.

HTW Chur creates an open and potential-based educational and working culture. The targeted promotion of diversity and a respect-based university culture that leaves no scope for conscious or unconscious discrimination form the starting point and objective for HTW Chur's actions. This opens up new methods for the way in which work is structured and services are developed.

HTW Chur implements equal opportunities and gender equality for its employees and students as an expression of its ethical standards. It breaks down cultural and structural barriers and supports its members in expressing their individuality. It implements legal principles of equality and prevents discrimination.

Living diversity

Who is responsible for what?

Diversity management is a management-level task. The Diversity Policy is implemented within the frame-work of the management process. The managers are responsible for its implementation. They create suitable framework conditions and a respect-based culture at the University of Applied Sciences that pro-motes diversity and inclusion and utilises the potential this generates for the benefit of all. Diversity-based management incorporates the individual diversity of employees. The management instruments include key diversity figures, which are used to regularly review developments relating to set objectives and measures. As part of a cross-sectional task, the University Executive Board ensures the implementation of diversity management and the expansion of diversity expertise. The Diversity specialist unit supports management in the diversity implementation process. Diversity management contributes to quality de-velopment.

The diversity of the HTW Chur community contributes to the successful implementation of a diverse uni-versity. Diversity is lived in everyday university life through the contribution of individual university mem-bers. The conscious, respectful and appreciative handling of diversity forms the foundation for doing so.

Laws and principles

The Diversity Policy of HTW Chur is based in the following laws and principles: