Participation - HTW Chur


Participation Committee

The Participation Committee serves to represent the interests of members within HTW Chur and, with this in mind, to participate in shaping current business at the university of applied sciences in accordance with the respective participatory rights and areas.

The Participation Committee comprises four lecturers, two students, two members of the academic staff and two employees from the central units.


Health Committee

In accordance with HTW Chur’s Directive on Health Management, the Committee aims to provide employees with health-promoting offers and thus to support and promote their health over the long term. In doing so, it deliberately strengthens the areas of 'body and mind', 'working world and equipment' and 'business culture'.


Dolf-Metzler Sara
MA Management and Economics / lic. oec. publ.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee (SC) aims to support HTW Chur in developing and implementing appropriate measures for boosting the economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development of the university of applied sciences.

The SC thus ensures the participation of HTW Chur’s employees in the sustainable development of the university of applied sciences. All members (employees/students) of HTW Chur can participate.

The SC comprises at least five individuals from the following areas: three lecturers or members of academic staff (one person per department), one student and an employee from the central units. A member of the University Executive Board acts as a point of contact for the SC.