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Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII)

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Institute at a glance

Institute at a glance

The Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) develops and devises solutions for current and future challenges and issues relating to the production, organisation and distribution of knowledge and information.

  • Head of institute/centre

    Barkow Ingo More about Barkow Ingo
  • Research fields

    Research fields
    Data Analytics
    Data Management
    Digital Business and Usability Engineering
    Digital Library
    Digitalisation of Analogue Cultural Assets and Digital Long-term Archiving
    User Research More about the research fields
  • Labs

    Digi Lab
    Usability Lab
    Library Lab
    Records Management Lab More about the Labs


The interdisciplinary team of the Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) possesses both the required methodological expertise and the necessary knowledge from various application domains in the areas of business and administration.


The close interlinking of applied research and services as well as education and further training is a key aspect. Knowledge acquired and experience gained during the course of research and service projects is always immediately incorporated in teaching.


For its research and service activities as well as to enable it to offer support in the areas of education and further training, the SII has four modern laboratories:



The Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) is a member of the following associations:

The SII also has a scientific advisory board. The board comprises representatives from the private sector and from public institutions as well as lecturers from other universities. In addition to ensuring and improving quality in the areas of teaching and education, the members of the scientific advisory board provide input that allows for needs from the world of practice as well as innovations and new impetus to be incorporated in teaching and research activities.



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