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Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII)
Institute at a glance

Institute at a glance

The Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) develops and devises solutions for current and future challenges and issues relating to the production, organisation and distribution of knowledge and information.

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    Barkow Ingo More about Barkow Ingo
  • Research fields

    Research fields
    Data Analytics
    Data Management
    Digital Business and Usability Engineering
    Digital Library
    Digitalisation of Analogue Cultural Assets and Digital Long-term Archiving
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    Digi Lab
    Usability Lab
    Library Lab
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The interdisciplinary team of the Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) possesses both the required methodological expertise and the necessary knowledge from various application domains in the areas of business and administration.

The close interlinking of applied research and services as well as education and further training is a key aspect. Knowledge acquired and experience gained during the course of research and service projects is always immediately incorporated in teaching.



Imagebild Bachelorstudium Information Science

Bachelor's degree Information Science

In the bachelor’s degree programme in Information Science, you will learn more about information research, human computer interaction, information management as well as media and social science. Information Science forms the interfaces between information and people and is becoming ever more important in our everyday working lives.
Imagebild Bachelorstudium Digital Business Management

Bachelor's degree Digital Business Management

The bachelor’s degree programme in Digital Business Management covers the design, implementation and coordination of digital projects – from online marketing to websites and mobile apps. You learn how to work with innovations and technologies and how they can be used in companies and start-ups.
Imagebild Masterstudium Information and Data Management

Master's degree Information and Data Management

Information and Data Management deals with the organisation, interpretation and professional handling of constantly growing volumes of data. You will learn how to prepare, find and evaluate data using appropriate procedures, instruments and technologies.
Further education

Further education

MAS Information Science

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Information Studies provides you with the necessary basic knowledge as well as knowledge of information and communication technologies and business administration and management. This is in the professional fields of Library, Archiving and Documentation.

CAS Principles of Information Work

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Principles of Information Work at HTW Chur provides you with the joint foundations and methods in the fields of Archiving, Library, Documentation and Museum.

CAS Information Science Management

This Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) provides you with the required knowledge to operated and manage institutions and facilities in the fields of Archiving, Library, Documentation and Museum. It also covers the methods and instruments of company organisation and management.

CAS Information Topics

The topics of information exploitation, archiving, transmission and management are dealt with in depth in this Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). In the second part of the CAS, you have the option to set a personal thematic focus by attending a compulsory optional module.

CAS Museum Work

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Museum Work at HTW Chur deals with practical museum work and enables you to undertake skilled work in small and large museums.

Specialised Further Education Cycle in Digitalisation

The digital revolution has yielded a variety of new cultural techniques within a very short period of time. This means you should familiarise yourself with innovations and check the future practicality of old technology. We also offer modular, individually bookable courses.
Research and services

Research and services

The Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) supports you with issues relating to data, knowledge and information. With our partners and clients from the worlds of business, science and administration, we develop strategies and concepts, perform analyses and develop applicable solutions and systems.

Forms of cooperation

There are various forms of cooperation: research projectsconsulting projects or student projects. Please contact us – we are happy to support you with your projects.

Forms of cooperation

There are various forms of cooperation, be they research projectsconsultuing projects or student projects. Get in contact with us and we will support you with your projects.


For its research and service activities as well as to enable it to offer support in the areas of education and further training, the SII has four modern laboratories:




The Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) is a member of the following associations:

The SII also has a scientific advisory board. The board comprises representatives from the private sector and from public institutions as well as lecturers from other universities. In addition to ensuring and improving quality in the areas of teaching and education, the members of the scientific advisory board provide input that allows for needs from the world of practice as well as innovations and new impetus to be incorporated in teaching and research activities.



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