Project HONEST - HTW Chur

Project at a glance

Project at a glance

The present and future growth markets for the Swiss export economy are to be found in countries that bear a high corruption risk potential. To improve the competitive position of the companies in these countries, the project team developed an innovative, marketable corruption-prevention training instrument to sensitize and train junior employees. This training program comprises a conceptual training curriculum and the complementing methodical instruments.


The following former employee of HTW Chur also worked on the project:

  • Tanja Heublein (IBAR)
Addional information

Addional information


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Parties involved

The project has been implemented by the Swiss Institute for Entrepeneurship (SIFE), in cooperation with PRME Business Integrity Action Center, Institute for Construction in Alpine Regions (IBAR), TATA Interactive Systems AG and Siemens Schweiz AG, on behalf of Innosuisse.