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Gerber Dominique Roland

Kartenansicht Standort H an der Comercialstrasse 19 in 7000 Chur.

Prof. Dr.

Department Lived Environment, Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF), Tourism
+41 81 286 37 52
Gressbach Christian

Dominique Roland Gerber holds a Bachelor in Hotel Administration from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne as well as both a Bachelor and Master in Business Administration with focus on marketing. He graduated as Doctor from the Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds, England with a study on the souvenir-purchasing behaviour of British tourists in Switzerland.

Gerber has wide international work experience in different kinds of company and at different levels of hierarchy, among others as purchaser in a luxury hotel, as operations analyst for a restaurant chain in Canada or as project leader in the construction of hotels and Nile passenger ships in Egypt. In addition, over a ten-year period, Dominique Roland Gerber has built up and managed an internationally active IT trading company.
Focus points of his research are company-relevant topics in the field of tourism, hotel and retail trade. Gerber systematically examines the behaviour of customers, consumers, visitors and guests in order to improve his understanding of specific modes of behaviour and so, to gain an optimal alignment between supply and demand.

He regularly publishes works on these topics in specialised national and international trade journals.

Dominique Gerber commutes professionally and privately between Chur and the Greater Zurich Area. In his leisure time he exercises, is an enthusiastic handyman and has cultural interests.

Kartenansicht Standort H an der Comercialstrasse 19 in 7000 Chur.

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