Laboratory Digezz Media Lab 2.0 - HTW Chur

Digezz Media Lab 2.0

At a glance

The Digezz Media Lab 2.0 plays a central role in teaching and development activities at the Institute for Multimedia Production (IMP). Its production rooms at the sites in Chur and Bern are equipped with the media technologies required to produce innovative and convergent media contents.


The Media Lab is home to cameras, editing stations, audio/radio studios, TV studios including green screens, mobile director boxes, etc. In other words, it offers all of the production technologies needed to produce innovative and convergent media contents.

During the semester, students work independently to produce multimedia contents and in doing so develop new innovative formats – with coaching from the lecturers. They thus gain the technical expertise required to communicate effectively and innovatively in the media and within organisations.

The lab offers the perfect environment for the innovative linking of research and teaching by providing plenty of room for experiments at three levels: (1) content selection and presentation, (2) application and (re-)combination of production techniques as well as (3) workflow and work organisation. Knowledge gained from teaching can in turn be used for research and development.

The produced contents are published on the production platform of the bachelor’s degree programme in Multimedia Production of the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur and the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH).


  • Various cameras and accessories
  • Green screen
  • Audio/radio studios
  • (Mobile) direction
  • Editing stations
  • Drones

Further information


The Digezz Media Lab 2.0 is assigned to the Institute for Multimedia Production (IMP).