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At a glance

In the Lighting Lab, luminaries are measured in compliance with the applicable standards and examined with respect to their energy efficiency and light distribution. Only the most efficient luminaries are published on This serves as an information and purchasing tool for consumers.


We can identify the following photometric parameters for you:

Luminous flux

Brightness of the light source in a space in lumens (lm), measured using a goniometer. This value is stated on the lighting packaging (e.g. a 60 W light bulb generates a luminous flux of 710 lumens).

Light intensity

Luminous flux/solid angle in candela (cd), light distribution curve.

Illumination intensity

Luminous flux/area in lux (lx) on a specific surface.

Colour temperature

Measure of the colour impression of a light source in Kelvin (K).

Colour rendering index

Is determined from the spectral light distribution and is ideal at 100%. The figure of 80% should not be fallen below.

Energy efficiency

For lighting equipment, the light output for each power input is stated as a measure of energy efficiency (lm/W).

Flicker values

The flickering of luminaries and lamps is continuously gaining in importance for users as a measure of quality. There is also the increasing use of luminaries for the transmission of information via light modulation. Luminaries can be assessed with respect to their flickering using a standardised measuring device.


The existing equipment in the measuring lab has been added to with a goniometer. This measuring device allows us to record additional measurement data such as light distribution within a space and also to measure lumens. The results gained from the measurement programme are available for light planning tools for further use. Each year, around 250 luminaries are measured and their results are subsequently analysed. Our offering also includes the option to measure the flicker value of luminaries. HTW Chur now also has an integrating sphere that not only allows for the professional measurement of luminaries, but also lamps.


Consultations and measurement procedures are performed by appointment. We examine lighting equipment in accordance with the current standards.



Retailers such as Micasa, Lumimart and other providers use our services and the manufacturers benefit from our suggestions for improvements.



Further information


The Lighting Lab is assigned to the Institute for Photonics and ICT (IPI).