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IP technologies form the basis of countless communication systems. More and more computers, devices, sensors and everyday objects are being linked to the Internet in order to allow them to be read or controlled remotely or to analyse the data they generate. This networking offers great potential for the digital transformation and the Internet of Things. In order to tap this potential, the networking needs to be secure, efficient and scalable.



The Networks Lab of HTW Chur possesses high-performance computers and network components. The laboratory has its own Internet connection with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The configuration can be adjusted in line with the changing needs of the worlds of education, service and research.


The workspaces can be used, for example, for the provision of training on a large number of IT and network themes, including VoIP protocols, routing and switching, WLAN networks, firewalls and intrusion prevention.

Test or example networks can also be developed with various technologies for evaluations and proof of concept implementations.

HTW Chur is a Cisco Networking Academy and offers various Cisco certification courses with original Cisco teaching and e-learning materials. The teaching workspaces are also equipped in such a way that practical training using real routers and switches can be provided on the test contents, which can also be configured.



The laboratory offers the following infrastructure:


Teaching area with

  • one speaker’s station: PC, projector, whiteboard
  • eight network laboratory workspaces: two PCs, four Cisco routers, four Cisco switches, Internet connection

Project area with

  • six workspaces for student projects and test environments: two PCs, two routers, ten switches, hubs, VoIP phones, WLAN access points, firewalls, Internet connection with IPv4 and IPv6.


  • IPv6 security and migration
  • IoT protocols for home automation
  • Festival monitoring with «The Things Network» and the Web Things API
  • Remote maintenance and monitoring of medical laboratory equipment via the Internet
  • Cisco Networking Academy courses for companies


Bigger Beat
dipl. Ing. FH, MAS IT Network Manager

Further information


The Networks Lab is assigned to the Institute for Photonics and ICT (IPI).