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Photonics Lab

At a glance

With the establishment of the bachelor's degree programme in Photonics, which is like no other in Switzerland, a Photonics Lab with state-of-the-art equipment was set up that is available for both research projects and services. The range of offered measurements comprises the characterisation of optoelectronic components and systems, immunity to external light sources and the fulfilment of eye protection classes.



The Photonics Lab possesses a large vibration-damped optical table as well as a large selection of light sources, detectors, lenses and optomechanical components. Optical structures can thus be realised quickly and extremely flexibly. A large range of measurement equipment is also available, meaning that photonic and optoelectronic components and systems can be characterised and their specifications tested. Product developments can be examined with respect to their “immission” (the robustness of products against sources of interference such as LEDs, strobes, flash lights, energy-saving lamps, etc.) as well as “emission” (standard-compliant definition of emission output for fulfilment of eye protection classes). In a workshop located directly next to the Photonics Lab, work such as soldering and drilling can also be performed. We would be pleased to support and advise you with the necessary test equipment and our expertise.



  • ESD-safe floor covering
  • 3 m x 1.5 m vibration-damped optical table
  • Large selection of light sources, detectors, lenses and optomechanical components
  • Lock-in amplifier
  • Motorised shift and rotation stages
  • Power meter
  • Beam profiler
  • Polarimeter
  • 8 m linear drive and selection of test specimens with various re-emission values, for example for range examination
  • Spectrometer
  • Hyperspectral camera
  • Fast photo diodes and oscilloscopes
  • Function generators

Further information


The Photonics Lab is assigned to the Institute for Photonics and ICT (IPI).