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Records Management Lab

At a glance

The Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII) has developed a unique platform for records management systems. The Records Management Lab (RMLab) gives our students the opportunity to test electronic file management, sequence controls and business controls in practice and to develop individual ideas for electronic records management systems (ERMS) requirement profiles.


ERMS have very different functionalities, which often only become apparent as part of a practical test. In the RMLab, GEVER systems are made available in order to run through practical RM scenarios and thus identify the specific strengths of the individual systems.


  • Virtual machines: in virtual machines or test systems of providers, scenarios are played out in various ERMS for a limited period in order to manage the resulting documents.
  • Feedback for system providers: the systems are made available to us free of charge by the providers. In return, we are happy to report back to the providers on the experiences gained by our students in using the systems.


At present, the following systems are available:


  • OneGov GEVER


Aschwanden Michael
dipl. Informations- und Dokumentationsspezialist FH

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The Records Management Lab is assigned to the Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII).