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Internet of Things and ICT


The Internet of Things is based on, inter alia, the interplay and evaluation of data from various units. So-called ‘smart devices’ or ‘smart sensors’ play a very important role here. As well as operating on a low-power supply and having their own processor, these also contain a communication interface and a sensor and/or actuator. The networking of these sensors requires innovative communication concepts. In the area of Industry 4.0, in particular, considerable requirements are placed with respect to (very high) availability and security. Safety-relevant applications require secure and verified data transmission. In this research focus area, our extensive knowledge and experience from the field of ICT are optimally combined with advanced smart sensors. In this context, there is also increasing talk about Photonics 4.0. In addition to the network protocols, the efficient evaluation of many different pieces of data is becoming ever more important. Thanks to high-performance processors, this can in some cases be implemented directly in the sensors themselves. Future data transmission concepts that are based on light, so-called Li-Fi systems, represent a further research field.

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Merbold Hannes
Prof. Dr. phil.-nat, Dipl. Physiker