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Data is a key result of economic, administrative and scientific work processes. The generation of data is resource intensive, meaning that there is an increasing demand for the ability to access this data for subsequent use. Responsible data management allows for the global and interdisciplinary linking of various data and thus the acquisition of new knowledge, also from secondary analyses.

In the research focus of Information Organisation, we manage data by applying data life-cycle management. This means that subsequent use scenarios and their target groups must already be taken into account during the planning and creation of data and not – as is usually the case – only during the ingest process for long-term archiving. We focus on how data management processes can be structured for the requirements of different domains and optimised in a way that allows for parts of the documentation procedure, which until now have been performed in a cumbersome manner by hand, to be replaced by automatically generated, technology-based metadata. We also investigate how data can yield the greatest possible benefit both now and in the future. The development of linked-data solutions will be one of the key focus areas of our research activities in the coming years.


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