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Digitalisation of Analogue Cultural Assets and Digital Long-term Archiving


Over the past 30 years, scientific focus has been placed on the development of electronic search tools for combing through archive, library and museum inventories. Society is now becoming increasingly networked, new service offerings are emerging and new desires are being awakened. It is no longer simply a matter of accessing contents, but rather also making them available to the global village around the clock. Making analogue and digital photographic and audiovisual media accessible is a complex task.

We support memory institutions against the backdrop of this new situation. From the safeguarding of existing analogue data to digitalisation and measures to ensure the long-term availability of complex data sets: our activities revolve around the development of innovative, practical solutions.


We investigate which technologies and methods can be applied in order to pursue a holistic and sustainable approach for the digitalisation of data and for ensuring it remains usable. We search for media-specific techniques for the transformation process from analogue to digital data and develop methods for digital long-term archiving.


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