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Research focus
Media Convergence and Multimediality


The research team looks at how multimedia work can be implemented from a technical and content perspective in the areas of journalism and corporate communication as well as by associations and political players. It further investigates how this impacts media use, the transfer of knowledge and business models.

Media convergence is the term used to describe the growing together of various media forms (e.g. print, radio, TV), technical infrastructures (e.g. cable and telecommunications networks) and Internet-based services. This convergence is changing work processes, business models, media products and the manner in which media is used. While this represents a challenge for media firms, corporate communication, associations, etc., it simultaneously also offers opportunities for innovation: the multimedia processing of complex contents is now possible and companies can communicate directly and interactively with clients. The use of new hardware and software is allowing for new forms of knowledge transfer and the development of new business models. The research team investigates these multifaceted changes and develops specific multimedia applications together with research and development partners from media companies, the communication industry and associations.


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