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Entrepreneurially minded individuals stand out due to the fact that they implement ideas and change something. Young entrepreneurs can do this through their activities at an existing private company or at a public sector or charitable institution. They are creative, innovative and develop their company on an ongoing basis. The term entrepreneurs is readily used today in order to distinguish these individuals from pure corporate administrators.

The objective of promoting entrepreneurial activities in all areas of society lies at the heart of the activities conducted in this focus area. Emphasis is placed on the two research focus areas of Private Entrepreneurship and Public Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial actions also involve the assumption of responsibility and the endeavour to ensure sustainability. Corporate Responsibility therefore permeates both key research areas and should lead to a responsible attitude.

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In the area of research and development (R&D) as well as knowledge and technology transfer, HTW Chur cooperates closely with companies, public bodies and non-profit organisations. These partners benefit from experts in a wide range of subjects and gain access to modern research infrastructure. This allows them to expand their own expertise. The specialist knowledge of HTW Chur can be accessed in a variety of ways.



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