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Construction in Alpine Regions


In Alpine living environments, buildings and their surroundings are exposed to more extreme stresses than is the case elsewhere due to the prevailing climatic factors and natural hazards. The climatic and topographical conditions faced during the building phase are also more demanding and the distances involved are often large. Specific building materials such as wood and stone can also be found locally. These conditions are directly reflected in the building culture of Alpine areas.

Here, we look at which buildings have become established in Alpine regions historically, which building solutions and systems are sustainable and prove successful when faced with the specific conditions of the Alps and which influences with respect to natural hazards can be averted or controlled.

In addition we deal with design issues relating to the long-term preservation of Alpine townscapes in order to make tourism in Alpine regions sustainable and attractive. We analyse architectural trends and link these to Alpine townscapes – adopting a critical view with respect to their historical emergence and meaningful development for the future.


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Lifa Imad
Prof. Dr. Ing. TU/SIA, MBA