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Energy Economics


In light of the decision to phase out nuclear energy and the climate policy objectives to be pursued at the same time, the energy system is facing a significant restructuring process that needs to be carefully analysed and planned at a national and regional level. This raises the question of how the energy transition and the various possible courses of action are to be assessed from a regional economic perspective. This necessitates investigations into the economic relationships between energy management, regional economies and individual sectors as well as the influence of technological changes (digitalisation, new information technologies).

With a special view to construction and tourism, we look at the question of which opportunities and challenges will arise for these two sectors in light of the energy transition.

This immediately leads to questions about the energy renovation of buildings (with multifaceted regional economic aspects) and sustainability within the tourism sector, taking account of both providers (hotels, other forms of accommodation) and consumers (guest behaviour). With a view to the possible expansion of hydro-power utilisation, the energy management and tourism sectors are also faced with questions relating to the handling of usage conflicts and synergies with respect to the use of land and water. This also involves dealing with conflicting objectives with regard to sustainable development at a regional and national level.


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