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Labour Market and Social Policy


With a view to development in heterogeneous and peripheral regions, we focus on the availability of qualified workers in order to facilitate high value-added activities. At the same time, social policy is an important cornerstone for ensuring the equal standing of living environments and regional prosperity. Here, the structure of regional labour markets as well as social security and public compensation systems are key for the promotion of coherent living conditions and the avoidance of extreme income risks and disparities.

Focus is placed on investigations into the functioning of regional labour markets and the influence of education, mobility, flexibility and technological change (e.g. digitalisation) on labour market developments and income distribution. In particular, we deal with issues relating to the securing of specialists and the reconciliation of work and family life. These aspects can represent a significant challenge, especially in peripheral regions that are influenced by tourism.

These considerations are complemented by economic observations that look at systems in the areas of social security, tax and financial compensation and intergenerational equity as well as issues relating to health care provision. These socio-political approaches provide important impetus for the future shaping of living environments and activity spaces. Overall, the coordinated Labour Market and Social Policy and the derived private sector and public action strategies provide an important basis for sustainable development in Alpine regions.


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