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Regional Development


With a view to the advancement of sectors and regions and in light of international competition between different locations, we are interested in how economic, political and infrastructural framework conditions contribute to the development of entrepreneurial achievements and how – with a focus on Alpine regions – research can be conducted to recognise effects and provide recommendations to this end.

We also investigate those factors that influence regional development and its management through economic and regional policy. Focus is placed on the following questions: How can governmental framework conditions be defined in order to ensure the economic development of regions and their key industries? How is the changing nature and increasing interdependence of national and international markets impacting the performance and innovative capacity of companies and sectors within a region with respect to their structural transformation and growth prospects? This is closely linked to entrepreneurial activity as the possibilities for developing entrepreneurial achievements are significantly influenced by economic and political framework conditions. There is also the question of how advancements in the areas of infrastructure and technology (i.e. digitalisation) impact regional development.

In addition to the analysis of economic interdependencies, our interest lies in investigations into structural change and the evolution of key factors as well as the development of private sector and public action strategies at the relevant decision-making level. This allows for recommendations for action to be derived for politicians, companies and industry associations.


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